Free Spirit
Siberian Rescue
Harvard Milk Days Parade
Harvard Milk Days Parade
9AM to 1PM

Free Spirit Siberian Rescue will be participating in this year’s Annual Milk Days Parade.  We are in need of people to walk adoptable dogs or their own if they wish, collect donations, pass out flyers, and all in all, have fun for this parade.  This is event is a lot of fun and gives us a chance to spread the word about the Rescue and raise some funds to help the dogs.

Free Spirit Siberian Rescue's entry in the 2017 Harvard Milk Days Parade is OPEN TO VOLUNTEERS AND PAST ADOPTERS ONLY.  We are meeting at the rescue around9am but the parade vehicles must leave by no later than 10:45am to lineup for the parade by 11am. The parade starts at 1pm so the rest of the volunteers should be there no later than 12:30pm for any final info.  For anyone wanting to walk rescue dogs must ask our president. and be prepared to transport the dog.

If you are interested, please email us at